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Abstract Topics
Drug Development
RNA Metabolism
Cell Biology
Gene Expression
Maximum length- 270 words
KMCBM - Presentation Guidelines.
Sessions are organized and speakers chosen after the program committee has reviewed the submitted abstracts. The overall meeting schedule will be similar to previous years, with posters divided among 3 evening sessions, and there will be one special session of talks and one free afternoon (when workshops may be organized).

Poster Session Guidelines:

To reduce crowding and conform to MBL guidelines, there will be three poster sessions and posters will need to be mounted and removed at times specified in the program. All posters will be viewable for at least 24 hours, including the specified times of Poster Sessions. Dimensions must not exceed 36 inches (90 cm) wide x 48 inches (120 cm) high. As you may be aware from previous meetings, the size of display panels is somewhat variable. Therefore, many presenters prefer to paste figures onto separate boards, rather than bringing a single large poster, to allow the presentation to be reconfigured depending upon the exact space available.  Please be certain to include your title (in large letters), and make sure that your poster is legible from a distance of at least 4 ft. (122 cm). You may also want to bring some extra data handouts, which may be of interest to specialists in your field. Please contact MBL Conferences in advance if you have special requirements for your presentation, such as an internet connection or video projector, during the poster sessions (there will be a specific "web presentation" option for presentations that are predominantly web- or computer-based).

Talk Session Guidelines:

Plan your presentation to take a MAXIMUM of 12 minutes, leaving at least 3 minutes for discussion. The tight schedule means that presentations will not be permitted to run more than 15 minutes, including question time. The majority of your talk should be devoted to unpublished material, but please be sure to provide a brief introduction (no life cycles, please) that STATES THE QUESTIONS YOU ARE ASKING AND WHY THEY ARE OF INTEREST. A few participants will be invited to give longer presentations that are intended to present the issues of what and why in a broader context. If your talk is preceded by such an overview, or a talk on a similar topic, please try to adapt (shorten) your introduction accordingly. Most investigators find that a maximum of 10-12 slides can be adequately explained in the time available. Please make sure that the text size and coloring are suitable to be viewed from the back of a large lecture theater.

If you are planning to make a PowerPoint presentation, the KMCBM organizers and Woods Hole IT staff would greatly appreciate having your presentation in advance of the start of the meeting. Direct presentation from a MAC or PC will only be allowed if the nature of the content precludes presentation via the server, and must be requested in advance.

Having your presentation ahead of time will allow the MBL IT staff to organize and catalog the presentations, thus making registration go more smoothly and hopefully avoiding any last minute on-site problems.  Regarding this, we would like to make a special plea to those of you who are giving presentations on the first day to make a special effort to get your presentation to us ahead of time. Although our preference is to have your presentations in advance, you will still be able to upload from laptops, zip drives, USB drives or CDs at registration as well as make last minute changes to previously uploaded presentations.

To this end, MBL has set up an FTP site which will enable you to easily upload your presentation.  FTP instructions will be emailed to accepted presentors.

 If you run into any problems trying to upload your presentation, please contact Chris Dematos , whose contact information appears below.

***FTP Instructions***