Mobile Genetic Elements


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Closes August 12, 2017


Mobile Genetic Elements 2017 – Meeting Schedule

Talks are held in the Meigs Room (Thursday, Friday) or Private Dining Room (Saturday) in the Swope Building.

Thursday, August 31, 2017

2:00 PM Check-in at Swope Conference Center, registration

2:00 PM Pre-meeting tours (sign-up needed)

4:00 PM Poster setup

5:00 PM Business meeting (Meigs Room, by invitation)

6:00 PM Dinner

              Session 1: Bill Reznikoff, Chair

7:00 PM Welcome:Phoebe Rice (U. Chicago), Bill Reznikoff (MBL)

7:05 PM Transposable elements as catalysts of convergent molecular innovation - Invited speaker: Cedric Feschotte (Cornell University)

7:40 PM The impact of endogenous retroviruses on nuclear organization in mammalian cells - Jane Skok (New York University)

8:00 PM Replicative transposition in eukaryotes - Invited speaker: Fred Dyda (NIH/NIDDK)

8:30 PM A novel group of self-synthesizing mobile elements in eukaryotes - Vladimir Kapitonov (NIH/NCBI)

8:50 PM Mixer (Meigs Room), poster previews

Friday, September 1, 2017

7:30 AM Breakfast

              Session 2: Phoebe Rice, Chair

9:00 AM Serine transposons - Invited speaker: Reid Johnson (UCLA)

9:30 AM Crystal structure of a new single stranded DNA binding protein encoded by staphylococcal cassette chromosome mobile element - Ignacio Mir-Sanchis (University of Chicago)

9:50 AM Recruitment of CRISPR-Cas systems by Tn7-like transposons - Joe Peters (Cornell University)

10:10 AM Coffee break

10:40 AM Distributive conjugal transfer: A new paradigm for bacterial horizontal gene transfer in mycobacteria - Invited speaker: Keith Derbyshire (Wadsworth Center)

11:10 AM Domestication of a virus by Alphaproteobacteria - Shannon Soucy (Dartmouth College)

11:30 AM Protein splicing of a recombinase intein induced by ssDNA and DNA damage - Christopher Lennon (SUNY at Albany)

11:50 AM Lunch

1:15 PM MBL Marine Resources Center tour - meet in front of the MRC

4:00 PM Poster Session, Swope Center, Second Floor

6:00 PM Dinner

              Session 3: Cedric Feschotte, Chair

7:00 PM Epigenetic changes and somatic retrotransposition in cellular senescence and aging - Invited speaker: John Sedivy (Brown University)

7:30 PM Drosophila PAF1 modulates PIWI/piRNA silencing of transposon targets - Nelson Lau (Boston University)

7:50 PM Adaptive evolution leads to cross-species incompatibility in the piRNA transposon silencing machinery - Swapnil Parhad (UMass Worcester)

8:10 PM Transposon expression signatures in starlet sea anemone (Nematostella vectensis) during development - Alex Evsikov (U. South Florida)

8:30 PM A new general mechanism of recognition and silencing of repetitive DNA - Eugene Gladyshev (Harvard University)

8:50 PM Free Evening (at local establishment)

Saturday, September 2, 2017

7:30 AM Breakfast; pick-up box lunches if ordered

              Session 4: Irina Arkhipova, Chair

8:50 AM The birth and demise of composite transposons: the case of resistance to the last resort antibiotic colistin - Invited speaker: Michael Chandler (Toulouse/Georgetown U.)

9:20 AM IS26-mediated genome rearrangement in Klebsiella pneumoniae during chronic infection - Erik Snesrud (Walter Reed Army Research Institute)

9:40 AM Stuctural interrogation by SHAPE and molecular simulation of a group II intron RNP - Xiaolong Dong (SUNY at Albany)

10:00 AM Coffee break; Check-out

10:30 AM Amino-methylation as an epigenetic mark in rotifers - Fernando Rodriguez (MBL)

10:50 AM A non-canonical base-modifying methyltransferase of bacterial origin in a eukaryote - Irina Yushenova (MBL)

11:10 AM From deep phylogeny to species complexes: Life history characteristics and the evolution of genomic repetitive elements in ferns - Amanda Grusz (U. Minnesota Duluth)

11:30 AM Characterization of non-canonical LTR retrotransposons in plants Shujun Ou (Michigan State University)

11:50 AM Concluding remarks: Irina Arkhipova

12:00 PM Lunch (if no box lunch selected)

1:00 PM End of meeting